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Hand & Foot Treatments

SV Beauty provides a range of Hand & Foot Treatments:

Luxury Pedicure

75 mins $105

Your complete foot therapy experience begins with a stress relieving foot soak in a collagen milk bath.

We follow with a micronised pumice exfoliating scrub, your feet are then smothered with our zesty cool foot mask before they are massaged with our “rescue feet” foot cream. Also includes cuticle tidy, salicylic acid serum for hardened skin, file, buff and polish. The result- New feet!

Luxury Manicure

75 mins $105

This intensive manicure starts with a collagen milk bath for the hands, they are then exfoliated with our sugar polish before a hydrating gel mask is applied via a luxurious massage.

All ingredients are infused for 20 minutes and your treatment finishes with Germaine de Capuccini’s best selling hand cream.

Your hands will be hydrated and lines and imperfections diminished. Hand therapy also includes cuticle tidy, file, buff & polish.





Manicure & Pedicure


Buff & Re-polish